1st Admin Draft BRCP

The first administrative draft of the Butte Regional Conservation Plan (BRCP) is posted below. This document was the first complete working draft of the BRCP and underwent public review in late 2010/early 2011.

Chapter 1 - Introduction (480k)
Chapter 2 - Covered Activities (6.5mb)
Chapter 3 - Ecological Baseline Conditions (6mb)
Chapter 4 - Impact Assessment (1.1mb)
Chapter 5 - Conservation Strategy (2.3mb)
Chapter 6 - Plan Implementation (234k)
Chapter 7 - Implementation Structure (631k)
Chapter 8 - Implementation Cost and Funding (1mb)
Chapter 9 - Alternatives to Take (4mb)
Chapter 10 - Independent Science Advisory Process (59k)
Chapter 11 - List of Preparers (59k)
Chapter 12 - References (189k)
Figures Chapter 4
Figure 4-1. Development Footprints Inside UPAs
Figure 4-2. Development Footprints for Impacts - Chico UPA
Figure 4-3. Development Footprints for Impacts - Oroville UPA
Figure 4-4. Development Footprints for Impacts - Gridley & Biggs
Figure 4-5. Specific Covered Projects - Sacramento River CAZ
Figure 4-6. Specific Covered Projects - Northern Orchards CAZ
Figure 4-7. Specific Covered Projects - Basin CAZ
Figure 4-8. Specific Covered Projects - Southern Orchards CAZ
Figure 4-9. Specific Covered Projects - Sierra Foothills CAZ
Figure 4-10. Specific Covered Projects - Cascade Foothills CAZ
Figure 4-11. Oak Woodland and Savanna Impacts
Figure 4-12. Grassland Impacts
Figure 4-13. Riparian Impacts
Figure 4-14. Wetland Impacts
Figure 4-15. Aquatic Impacts
Figure 4-16. Agricultural Impacts
Figure 4-17. Tricolored Blackbird Impacts
Figure 4-18. Yellow Breasted Chat Impacts
Figure 4-19. Bank Swallow Impacts
Figure 4-20. Western Burrowing Owl Impacts
Figure 4-21. Western Yellow-billed Cuckoo
Figure 4-22. Greater Sandhill Crane Impacts
Figure 4-23. American Peregrine Falcon Impacts
Figure 4-24. Swainson's Hawk Impacts
Figure 4-25. White Tailed Kite Impacts
Figure 4-26. Bald Eagle Impacts
Figure 4-27. Giant Garter Snake Impacts
Figure 4-28. Western Pond Turtle Impacts
Figure 4-29. Foothill Yellow-legged Frog Impacts
Figure 4-30. Western Spadefoot Toad Impacts
Figure 4-31. Central Valley Steelhead Impacts
Figure 4-32. Winter Run Salmon Impacts
Figure 4-33. Spring Run Salmon Impacts
Figure 4-34. Fall Run Salmon Impacts
Figure 4-35. Sacramento Splittail Impacts
Figure 4-36. Green Sturgeon Impacts
Figure 4-37. River Lamprey Impacts
Figure 4-38. Valley Elderberry Longhorn Beetle Impacts
Figure 4-39. Vernal Pool Tadpole Shrimp Impacts
Figure 4-40. Vernal Pool Fairy Shrimp Impacts
Figure 4-41. Ferris' Milkvetch Impacts
Figure 4-42. Hoover's Spurge Impacts
Figure 4-43. Ahart's Dwarf Rush Impacts
Figure 4-44. Redbluff Dwarf Rush Impacts
Figure 4-45. Hairy Orcutt Grass Impacts
Figure 4-46. Slender Orcutt Grass Impacts
Figure 4-47. Ahart's Paronychia Impacts
Figure 4-48. Butte County Checkerbloom Impacts
Figure 4-49. Butte County Golden Clover Impacts
Figure 4-50. Greene's Tuctoria Impacts
Tables Chapter 4
Table 4-1. Impact Mechanisms
Table 4-2. Disturbance Distance Assumptions
Table 4-3. Activity Impact Assumptions
Table 4-4. Summary of Natural Community Impacts
Table 4-5. Summary of Natural Community Impacts by CAZ and UPA
Table 4-6. Summary of Covered Species Impacts
Table 4-7. Summary of Covered Species Impacts by CAZ and UPA
Figures Chapter 5
Figure 5-1. Existing Protected Lands and CAZs
Figure 5-2. Process for Establishing Habitat Targets and Conservation Measures
Figure 5-3. Decision Matrix for Categorizing Existing Protected Lands
Figure 5-4. To Come . . .
Figure 5-5. To Come . . .
Figure 5-6. Locations of Screened and Unscreened Diversions
Figure 5-7. Oak Woodland and Savanna Habitat Pie Chart
Figure 5-8. Grassland Habitat Pie Chart
Figure 5-9. Riparian Habitat Pie Chart
Figure 5-10. Wetland Habitat Pie Chart
Figure 5-12. Agriculture Habitat Pie Chart
Figure 5-19. Tricolored Blackbird Habitat Pie Chart
Figure 5-20. Yellow Breasted Chat Habitat Pie Chart
Figure 5-22. Burrowing Owl Habitat Pie Chart
Figure 5-23. Yellow Billed Cuckoo Habitat Pie Chart
Figure 5-24. Sandhill Crane Habitat Pie Chart
Figure 5-25. American Peregrine Falcon Habitat Pie Chart
Figure 5-26. Swainson's Hawk Habitat Pie Chart
Figure 5-27. White Tailed Kite Habitat Pie Chart
Figure 5-28. Bald Eagle Habitat Pie Chart
Figure 5-29. Giant Garter Snake Habitat Pie Chart
Figure 5-30. Western Pond Turtle Habitat Pie Chart
Figure 5-31. Yellow Legged Frog Habitat Pie Chart
Figure 5-32. Western Spadefoot Toad Habitat Pie Chart
Figure 5-34. Winter Run Salmon Habitat Pie Chart
Figure 5-35. Steelhead Habitat Pie Chart
Figure 5-38. Green Sturgeon Habitat Pie Chart
Figure 5-40. Valley Elderberry Beetle Habitat Pie Chart
Figure 5-41. Vernal Pool Fairy and Tadpole Shrimp Habitat Pie Chart
Figure 5-42. Ferris' Milkvetch Habitat Pie Chart
Figure 5-43. Vernal Pool Plants Habitat Pie Chart
Figure 5-45. Butte County Checkerbloom Habitat Pie Chart
Figure 5-46. Butte County Golden Clover Habitat Pie Chart
Figure 5-75. Monitoring Plan Feedback Loop
Figure 5-76. Adaptive Management Decision Process
Figure 5-77. Adaptive Management Process Framework
Tables Chapter 5
Table 5-1. Natural Community Acquisition Targets
Table 5-2. Covered Species Habitat Acquisition Targets
Table 5-3. Covered Species Habitat Acquisition Criteria
Table 5-4. Natural Community Mitigation Requirements
Table 5-5. Covered Species Mitigation Requirements
Table 5-6. Planning Species Spatial Design Parameters
Table 5-7. Fish and Wildlife Spatial Design Parameters
Table 5-8. Extent of Protected Natural Communities
Table 5-9. Extent of Protected Covered Species Habitat
Table 5-10. Conservation Measures Cross-Walk Table With Goals & Objectives
Table 5-11. Extent of Protected and Patch Size of Natural Communities
Table 5-12. Restoration Acreage Targets
Table 5-13. Avoidance and Minimization Measure Objectives
Table 5-14. Plant Occurrences by CAZ
Table 5-17. Survey Area and Timing of Preconstruction Surveys
Table 5-18. Activity Exclusion Zones
Table 5-19. Covered Species Habitat Removal Periods
Table 5-20. Covered Fish Species Presence Periods
Table 5-21. Biological Objective Monitoring Actions and Metrics
Table 5-22. Conservation Measure Monitoring Actions
Table 5-23. Monitoring Approaches for Covered Species
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