Please note these BRCP files are from 2015 and are out of date. Please see the Screen Check Final BRCP for the latest version of the plan.
Appendices - Formal Public Draft BRCP

Appendix A. Covered Species Accounts
Appendix B. Evaluation of Species Considered for Coverage
Appendix C. Common and Scientific Names of Species Mentioned in the Text
Appendix D. Native Species Supported by BRCP Natural Communities
Appendix E. Survey Protocols
Appendix F. Implementation Cost Supporting Materials
Appendix G.1. Report of Independent Science Advisors for BRCP
Appendix G.2. Review of Conservation Strategy for BRCP by Independent Science Advisors
Appendix H. Butte Regional Conservation Plan Planning Agreement
Appendix I.1. Methods Used to Map Vernal Swale Complex and Vernal Pools
Appendix I.2. USACE Verified Wetland Delineations Used to Estimate Density of Vernal Pools
Appendix J. Biological Constraints Analysis
Appendix K-1. Temporary Direct and Permanent Indirect Effects Natural Communities
Appendix K-2. Temporary Direct and Permanent Indirect Effects Covered Species
Appendix L. Implementing Agreement (to come)
Appendix M. Conservation Easement Minimum Requirements
Appendix N. Species of Local Concern Conservation Benefits
Appendix O. Conservation Figures
Appendix P. Glossary
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