Formal Public Draft EIS/EIR

The formal public draft EIS/EIR files are posted below. The formal public review period closed on June 8, 2016, but additional comments will still be accepted.  
Written comments should be directed to: Jon Clark, Executive Director,  Butte County Association of Governments, 326 Huss Drive, Suite 150, Chico, CA 95928, facimile (530) 879-2444. Email: 

Title Page
Table of Contents
Executive Summary
  Table ES-3. Less than Significant with Mitigation and Significant and Unavoidable Impacts on Resources Analyzed
Chapter 1 - Introduction
Chapter 2 - Proposed Action and Alternatives
Chapter 3 - Approach to the Analysis
Chapter 4 - Agriculture and Forestry Resources
Chapter 5 - Air Quality and Climate Change
Chapter 6 - Biological Resources
  Table 6-2. Special-Status Plants Occurring or Having the Potential to Occur within the Plan Area
  Table 6-3. Special-Status Wildlife Species Having the Potential to Occur within the Plan Area
  Table 6-4. Species/Natural Communities Matrix
  Table 6-5. Species Impacts
  Table 6-6. Impacts on Potential Jurisdictional Wetlands and Other Waters in the Plan Area
  Table 6-7. Maximum Extent of Permanent Direct Impacts on Natural Communities within the Plan Area
Chapter 7 - Cultural Resources
Chapter 8 - Geology, Soils, Mineral Resources, and Paleontological Resources
Chapter 9 - Hydrology, Water Resources, and Water Quality
Chapter 10 - Land Use Planning and Consistency
Chapter 11 - Noise
Chapter 12 - Public Services and Public Utilities
Chapter 13 - Recreation, Open Space, and Visual Resources
Chapter 14 - Population and Housing, Socioeconomics, and Environmental Justice
Chapter 15 - Transportation
Chapter 16 - Other Required NEPA and CEQA Analyses
Chapter 17 - Consultations and Public Outreach
Chapter 18 - Preparers
Figures (83mb - takes about 1-2 minutes to download)
Appendices (22mb) - Contains Appendix A  - Scoping Report, Appendix B - Screening of Alternatives, Appendix C - Summary of General Plan EIR Impact Determinations and Mitigation Measures, Appendix D - Caltrans Best Management Practices, Appendix E - Additional Air Quality Regulations, and Appendix F - Special Status Species Occurrences.
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