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BRCP 8-page informational brochure highlighting the main components of the Plan.

BRCP 4-page informational brochure highlighting the benefits of the BRCP for the participating cities and county.

White Paper on Economic Effects of Regional Habitat Conservation Plans. Prepared by Economic & Planning Systems, Inc for California Habitat Conservation Planning Coalition. This paper evaluates the hypothesis that regional HCPs confer substantial economic benefits to the private sector.
Executive Summary
Full Document

Transportation and Habitat Conservation Plans Document - Improving Planning and Project Delivery While Preserving Endangered Species. Prepared by the University of California Transportation Center, results show that time and cost savings are major benefits to transportation projects  permitted under regional HCPs.
Full Document

Preliminary Public Draft BRCP - released for 60-day public review period in December 2012. Note that the Formal Public Draft BRCP released on November 18, 2015 represents a substantial revision of the document.

First Administrative Draft BRCP released for review June 1, 2011. Replaced by the Preliminary Public Draft BRCP in December 2012 (see link above).
Appendices - First Administrative Draft (released for review June 1, 2011)

2011 BRCP Independent Science Advisory Panel Review of Chapter 5 Conservation Strategy (7/22/11)
This report was developed by the independent Science Advisory Panel, an independent multi-disciplinary team of scientists that provides scientific oversight and recommendations for development of the BRCP. Their recommendations are made independently of BRCP consultants, staff or committees.

BRCP Acronyms, Abbreviations and Glossary  Commonly used acronyms, abbreviations and glossary of terms used in the Butte Regional HCP/NCCP.

2007 BRCP Independent Science Advisory Panel Review of Chapter 3 Ecological Baseline Assessment
. This report was developed by the independent Science Advisoy Panel, an independent multi-disciplinary team of scientists that provides scientific recommendations for the development of the plan.  Their recommendations are developed independently of plan consultants, staff or committees.

Final Butte Regional Conservation Plan Planning Agreement   This agreement was approved by the city councils and County Board of Supervisors in October and November 2007, and by DFG, USFWS and NMFS in January 2008.

2007 BRCP Informational Brochure. (pdf 2mb) Eight page brochure that provides *now out of date* information on the Butte Regional HCP/NCCP.

DFG Document Describing NCCP Process
  Describes the general process for developing Natural Community Conservation Plans (from DFG).

NCCP Act Language
  The text language of the Natural Community Conservation Planning Act (from DFG).

USFWS Document on 5-Point Policy

USFWS Document on 5-Point Policy - Q & A

USFWS Document Providing General Info on HCPs

Science Advisory Panel Process   Describes the processes and functions of the Science Advisory Panel - a requirement of the NCCP (from DFG).

Science Advisory Panel Facilitator Scope     Wayne Spencer will be serving as Science Facilitator for the Butte Regional HCP/NCCP. This is the scope of work for his services.

BRCP Roles and Responsibilities of Committees, Boards and Councils
  This document describes the general process through which the Butte Regional HCP/NCCP will be developed and outlines the roles and responsibilities of the various committees and entities that will participate in Plan development and approval.

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