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*Updated 5-21-19* The updated "screencheck" final BRCP files below are still in working draft form and are subject to change. Please note that the "redlined" version compares this version with the initial screencheck final BRCP that was posted here on April 4, 2019. If there is not a redlined version below, that means nothing has changed.
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Please note that all tables and figures are at the end of each chapter.
Chapter 1 Introduction - Clean, Redlined
Chapter 2 Covered Activities - Clean, Redlined
Chapter 3 Ecological Baseline Assessment - Clean
Chapter 4 Impact Assessment - Clean, Redlined
Chapter 5 Conservation Strategy - Clean, Redlined
Chapter 6 Conditions on Covered Activities - Clean, Redlined
Chapter 7 Monitoring and Adaptive Management - Clean, Redlined
Chapter 8 Plan Implementation - Clean, Redlined
Chapter 9 Implementation Costs and Funding - Clean, Redlined
Chapter 10 Alternatives to Take - Clean
Chapter 11 List of Preparers - Clean 
Chapter 12 References - Clean
Appendix A - Covered Species Accounts
Appendix B - Evaluation of Species Considered for Coverage
Appendix C - Common and Scientific Species Names
Appendix D - Species Occurring in Natural Communities
Appendix E - Project Application Process
Appendix F - Cost and Funding
Appendix G - Placeholder
Appendix H - Placeholder
Appendix I1 - Vernal Pool Mapping Methods
Appendix I2 - Vernal Pool Density Estimation
Appendix J - Placeholder
Appendix K - Effects in Vicinity of Covered Activities
Appendix L - Draft Implementing Agreement - Clean
Appendix L - Draft Implementing Agreement - Redline
Appendix M - Conservation Easement Template
Appendix N - Local Concern Species
Appendix O - Glossary
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