BRCP Background

BCAG has been facilitating the development of the BRCP since 2007. After encountering numerous time delays and cost increases with the Highway 149 roadway widening and interchange project due to the environmental permitting process, BCAG staff and Board members began pursuing an HCP/NCCP to avoid such costly delays in the future. Several lives were lost in traffic accidents on the roadway while the environmental permitting process was stalled out in the tangled web of regulatory agencies in Sacramento, strengthening the resolve to find a better way to get projects through the environmental permitting process.

HCP/NCCP's have been adopted by numerous areas in California and throughout the nation and have been proven to effectively streamline the state and federal environmental permitting process, saving significant time and tax payer money. See the white papers on Economic Effects of HCPs and Transportation and HCPs. Also see the USFWS website and CDFW website for more information on HCPs and NCCPs.

Since 2007, the development of the BRCP has been coordinated with numerous individuals, groups and entities including 47 meetings with the BRCP Stakeholder Committee, numerous meetings with state and federal agency staff, city and county planning and public works staff, and special interest groups throughout the Plan Area.

In late 2007, public workshops were held in Chico and Oroville introducing the general public to the BRCP, and encouraging participation in the planning process.

In June 2011, the first administrative draft of the BRCP was completed and reviewed by the Stakeholder Committee and Wildlife Agencies, and made available on the BRCP website.

In December 2012, the second "preliminary public draft" BRCP was completed and a 60-day public review period was held along with public workshops in Chico, Gridley and Oroville.

In January 2013, public scoping meetings were held for the BRCP Environmental Impact Statement/Environmental Impact Report (EIS/EIR) document in Oroville and Chico.

In July 2015, the "formal public draft" BRCP was completed and submitted to USFWS Regional Office for review and publishing of the Notice of Availability in the Federal Register.

In late 2015, the formal 90-day public review period for the formal public draft BRCP and EIS/EIR began, accompanied by public workshops in Chico, Gridley and Oroville in January 2016. The review period was extended an additional 114 days and closed in June 2016 after a 204-day public review period.

A final BRCP is expected to be approved in late 2019/early 2020.
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