Butte Regional Conservation Plan Newsletters were developed during the first six years of plan development, until funding ran out. The purpose of the newsletters was to keep interested parties up-to-date with the latest information on the development of the Plan.

Winter 2013 Newsletter (pdf 2mb) 

Winter 2012 Newsletter (pdf 2mb)

Winter 2011 Newsletter (pdf 2mb)

Spring 2010 Newsletter (pdf 4mb)

Fall 2009 Newsletter (pdf 6mb)

Spring 2009 Newsletter (pdf 8mb)

Summer 2008 Newsletter (pdf 2mb)

Winter 2008 Newsletter (pdf 3mb).

Summer/Fall 2007 Newsletter (pdf 2mb)

Also be sure to read our 8-page informational brochure (pdf 5mb) that provides in-depth information on the Butte Regional Conservation Plan, as well as the 4-page City/County Benefits Brochure highlighting the benefits of the Plan to these jurisdictions.   
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