Stakeholder Committee

The Stakeholder Committee includes representatives from the following groups:
  • Educational Institutions
  • Farming and Agriculture
  • Environmental Groups
  • Special Districts
  • Development Community
  • Hunting Clubs
  • Federal/State Agencies
  • Water Districts

Outreach meetings were initially held in December 2006 to invite potential stakeholders to participate in the Butte Regional Conservation Plan Stakeholder Committee.  The first Stakeholder Committee meeting was held on February 14, 2007, and the Committee recently held its 46th meeting in March 2014.  Outreach is still continuing as an on-going process. Currently 14 individuals participate on the Stakeholder Committee, representing the stakeholder groups identified above.

Stakeholder Committee meetings are open to the public and occur on the 1st Wednesday of each month from 11am to 3pm in the BCAG Conference Room.

Stakeholder Committee Meetings, Click to view

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