Project Phases

Five BRCP Development Phases

The development of the BRCP included 5 phases:
Phase One
Phase One is complete. Phase One tasks included:
  • Develop Administrative Draft Chapter 3 - Ecological Baseline Conditions Report
  • Develop Supporting GIS Database
  • Develop Planning and Decision Making Structure
  • Determine Preliminary Plan Area
  • Develop Draft Covered Species Accounts (20)
a bird standing on a plant
Tricolored Blackbird
Photo: Audubon, CA
Phase Two
Phase Two is complete. Tasks included:
  • Assemble Independent Science Advisory Panel
  • Develop Draft Covered Species Accounts (21)
  • Coordinate Independent Science Advisory Panel Guidance Report
  • Develop and Approve Planning Agreement
  • Develop Public Participation Plan
  • Develop Admin. Draft Covered Species Accounts
  • Develop Admin. Draft Species Habitat Models
  • Develop Admin. Draft Chapter 2 - Covered Activities
  • Develop Admin. Draft Chapter 4 - Impact Analysis
  • Develop Admin. Draft Chapter 5 - Conservation Strategy 
Phase Three
Phase Three is complete. Tasks included:  
  • Develop Admin. Draft Chapter 1 - Introduction
  • Develop Admin. Draft Chapter 6 - Plan Implementation
  • Develop Admin. Draft Chapter 7 - Implementation Structure
  • Develop Admin. Draft Chapter 8 - Implementation Costs and Funding
  • Develop Admin. Draft Chapter 9 - Alternatives to Take
  • Develop Admin. Draft Chapter 10 - Independent Science Advisory Process
  • Develop Admin. Draft Chapter 11 - List of Preparers
  • Develop Admin. Draft Chapter 12 - References
  • Independent Science Advisory Panel Review of Chapter 5 Conservation Strategy
  • First Complete Administrative Draft BRCP
a field of grass and flowers
Phase Four
Phase Four is complete. Tasks included:
  • Preliminary public draft BRCP
  • Administrative draft EIS/EIR
  • Public workshops
  • Development of draft Implementing Agreement
  • Development of administrative draft Regional General Permit (RGP)
  • Formal public draft BRCP, EIS/EIR, and Implementing Agreement documents
  • 90-day Public Review Period and Public Workshops - (Extended to 204-day review period Nov 2015 -June 2016)
Phase Five
Phase Five will be completed in 2020 and includes the following tasks:
  • Development of final BRCP and Implementing Agreement - COMPLETE
  • Adopting and Permitting of the Plan - *Late 2019/early 2020*
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